Those who believe that adopting Rise Up will just make Americans wealthier and retirement more secure are missing the bigger picture. It will reduce the size of government by half; generate the biggest tax cut in history; pay off all unfunded entitlement liabilities; economically emancipate women and minorities; infuse enormous sums directly into the capital markets thereby accelerating the growth of the economy;  reduce crime, poverty and gangs; eliminate the need for government pensions and Medicare; eliminate the need for business to fund retirement needs; increase the net worth of America and Americans geometrically and promote "Domestic Tranquility" Read the "Mission Statement " above
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$20,000 per year janitor
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$60,000 per year truck driver
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The Ownership Society Institute is dedicated to increasing the wealth and property of all citizens and the reduction of taxes imposed on them. It sponsors ideas and plans that reduce the  size of the Federal and state governments while at the same time increasing the efficiency of their constitutionally mandated resposibilities. It sponsors the enactment of the Rise Up Theory of Economics and the elevation of the individual over the state. It opposes the weaknesses  that the state imposes by making its citizens rely too heavily on government to solve their problems and fund their failures.
The Rise Up Theory of Economics does for the poor and middle class what the "Trickle Down" Theory did for the rich - it makes them wealthy. It is a simple concept, It redirects the 15.3% presently paid by individuals (and in the case of employees, their employers too) in the form of  payroll taxes into a personally-owned investment account that will grow into millions over the citizen's working life. The funds are invested in safe indexed stock funds that have historically been growing at over a 10% rate for the last 25 years. See the schedules below for the millions an ordinary American can accumulate and the history of the rates of return on indexed stock.

It assures Retirement Security
See the tables below for the nest egg a citizen can accumulate and the monthly retirement check he will get. Presently a citizen accumulates no nest egg for his lifetime investment and the average monthly check is just over $1,000 a month

Present Social Security Checks Guaranteed
Rise Up will not affect current checks for retirees - the enacting legislation guarantees no reduction in benefits and those benefits will be backed by the government. If Rise Up is as successful as anticipated, those benefits may be increased over present levels.

What Will Rise Up Do for America?
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What can you do ?
It is going to take a massive effort to change the way our government does business. The Institute will require your help in funding and getting the word out to your friends and associates. You no doubt have many questions how this monumental change can be accomplished. To answer your many questions you can get our free e-book by clicking the link below. It thoroughly covers all your questions To sign up to help us and to donate what you can click the other link below.
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