About Us
We at the Ownership Society Institute are a small band of Americans who believe in the Rise Up Theory of Economics and the good it will do societally and economically.  Our founder and leader in this fight to establish laws that implement it is Richard "Dick" McDonald. His working life was dedicated to increasing the wealth of rich people by reducing their tax burden. His first ten years was spent as a CPA in the tax department of  Arthur Andersen & Co.'s Los Angeles office. There he was assigned to do the tax work, planning and "consoling" of the very rich. For ten years he did J. Paul Getty's personal tax return - at the time Paul was the richest man in the world. After leaving the accounting profession he spent the next 30 years creating, designing, promoting and operating legal "tax shelters" in the agricultural, energy and research and development fields.

Having dedicated his life to the "tax world" Dick knows something about how the rich create wealth and keep it. In tax work it is called "after-tax cash".  It is the wealth that income taxes can't reach. Income taxes can only be applied to the "earnings" on that wealth, not the wealth itself. As the author of the Rise Up Theory he has applied his knowledge to improve on the "trickle down" theory of economics which favored the rich and which for the last 25 years has fueled our economic boom. Unfortunately, "trickle down" is only one cylinder of an eight cylinder engine. It only favored the rich. And boy have they become rich. Two of them made over a billion dollars in just compensation in 2006.

Rise Up has been purposely designed to satisfy both Republicans and Democrats by (1) making the poor rich and (2) fueling America's capital markets with an annual infusion of 15% of the American workers income. It also has been designed for those not capable of competing for the big bucks - all they need do is lead a stable and industrious life to become a millionaire and achieve the American Dream. It has been designed to eliminate the financial worries of women. You can access our goals on the "Mission Page" and read featured articles on various issues..

We are a California Charitable Trust operating under the name "Ownership Society Institute".  When we get sufficient funding we plan to qualify as a  Section 501 (c) (3) educational organization to popularize "Rise Up" and design enabling legislation.

Right now we have a several websites up and running. We plan to expand them and create an organization dedicated to the people of the United States and not those who wish to keep them oppressed by denying them personal accounts and the American Dream.  Help us, Donate today. Politicians are not doing the job; we will.

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