Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier
                         An Introduction to the Rise Up Theory of Economics.
                          The Way to End Poverty
                  Fix Social Security
                 Save Medicare
           Dick McDonald
                            Copyright (c) 2007
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The price of the book is "Free" but the cost to get its message out to those who live in a sound bite world is not  Our efforts to mount a significant  campaign to inform the people will begin with entertaining animation and graphics over You Tube, My Space, the Internet, etc. which we hope will be picked up by bloggers and talk radio to incite the people to exert their power to elect politicians that will "Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier" and adopt the "Rise Up Theory of Economics". You can contribute to that effort by a donation to this cause - Read the book and then come back here and help.  Remember the people rose up to defeat the "amnesty" fraud and they can do this too. Please help by sending the link to this "Free Book" to your friends, organizations, children, talk show hosts, Congressmen and others.. If you are waiting for someone else to help, remember the "people's" recent victory over Congress.took your help - it will take that kind of effort and funding here as well. - Dick McDonald, Managing Director, Ownership Society Institute  8/5/07
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The plan I propose in this book will never allow anyone’s monthly check from Social Security or Medicare to fall below that presently promised by the Federal government. Not now or in the future. That  will be the floor on benefits; and the government will guarantee it.

Present Social Security and Medicare Benefits Always Guaranteed
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