Love Your “USA”

A “USA” is a Universal Savings Account and everyone can have one if we only make politicians give us back the 15.3% they take from us as Federal payroll taxes every year for our entire 40 to 50-year working life. It is just not “socially just” for the government to keep our entire investment if we die before we retire.

As it is today our 40 to 50 year lifetime investment of those taxes nets us no nest egg – in other words an average household making $50,000 a year invests $300,000 to $375,000 in Federal payroll taxes and forfeits them to the government if they die on the day they qualify for retirement.  It is not only unfair – it is downright un-American.

If we revolt against the political establishment and put those monies in our own investment account – we call a “USA” – and invest those funds in the stock market for our 40 or 50-year working life those funds will grow and compound so we can retire with a $4,004,000 up to an $11,002,000 nest egg. (See “Tables” at )

With that kind of nest egg your average American householder can retire with a   $33,000 up to a $91,000 a-month check just from the income made off their nest egg.  Now these amounts result from a rate of return of 10% which has been the average 40-year return of the S&P 500 stock index for 40-year investments since 1871.  We anticipate that rate will be greater in the future if we enact USA legislation.

Recession solved – a USA will generate a $1.3 trillion per year investment in the stock market IMMEDIATELY – restoring confidence and the “investment” principle that our country was thrives on.

American Dream – a USA will deliver the American Dream of financial independence to all Americans so long as they are stable and industrious during their life.

Small Government – the USA will eliminate the need for 40% to 50% of our national budget.

Lower Taxes – the USA will eliminate payroll taxes and generate the biggest tax cut in history

Unfunded Debt – the USA will extinguish the $59 trillion unfunded of Federal entitlement debt and trillions more in state and local debt

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Dick McDonald
Managing Director
Ownership Society Institute