Financial Security for All Women -- Finally

Attention single women, married women, divorced women, women with children – your financial security is just a vote away.  The social and political empowerment of women has been missing one crucial element.  A new plan announced today finally delivers that missing element – the economic empowerment of financial security. It has always been a financial risk for women to stay home and rear their kids. This new plan will insure their financial security when they decide to raise a family. It also insures single and divorced women that they can retire as millionaires.

CHATSWORTH, CA (general release)   August 26, 2007.  Author Dick McDonald has completed his plan to take the economic risk and fear out of a woman’s decision to stay home and raise a family. In today’s environment, there is no legal guarantee or mechanism in place to insure her economic security if something goes wrong with the marriage. There is no absolute protection that can be put in place that will fully insure a marriage will work – but McDonald’s plan goes a long way to guarantee she won’t be left holding an empty economic bag nor for that matter those who  remain single.

In America today, most marriages end in divorce. In fact, many marry several times in their life.  In this environment, there is no way to eradicate the fear many women have that they may end up as “bag ladies” or their husband may leave them for someone younger.  The anxiety that they may have to support their children after many years out of the workforce is a real burden on modern women. The tragedies visited on women by men are legion and McDonald addresses those problems with an AIR-TIGHT PLAN.

His plan is incorporated in his “Rise Up Theory of Economics” but don’t let the name scare you.  One of that plan’s more delightful features is that it rises up women economically.  To fully understand the entire concept you will want to download McDonald’s free e-book at the website below but here is a shorthand version.

Everyone knows Social Security and Medicare are in desperate straits. Kids know those programs won’t be there when they retire. So McDonald reasoned why not kill a flock of birds with one stone.  Let’s replace Social Security and Medicare with personal accounts wherein the 15.3% now sent to the government for every working American is placed in a personal investment account and allowed to grow into million-dollar nest eggs invested during their working life in safe indexed stock and bond funds.  See the Tables at   for mathematical proof.

Now here is where he builds in the security women need. Instead of a personal account getting 100% of a married person’s withholding to invest, they only get half or 50%. The other spouse gets the other 50%.  Now “personal accounts” can’t be reached or invaded by Congress, the courts, the IRS, your creditors OR YOUR SPOUSE or even you until you retire (or prematurely die in which case your heirs get your nest egg). So your personal account will always be safe and therefore a comfort to you during the years before retirement.

So if you marry a long-haul truck driver that makes $60,000 a year and you don’t work a day in your life and he decides to divorce you at 67, you get a $2,400,000 nest egg and a $20,000 a month retirement check (as does he).  Now if you marry five times in your life your personal account is transportable and still remains as your personal property and nest egg picking up your current husband’s contribution to your personal account along the way.  The quid pro quo is that if you are the bread winner your husband(s) benefits from your endeavors.
To fully understand the whole plan get Dick McDonald's new e-book "Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier" FREE by clicking  The plan should be a stabilizing factor in your life and the life of your family when enacted.
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