Book Reveals Political Power is the Enemy

Dick McDonald, the author of Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier makes the case that government policies are crippling the real power of the American economy. He illustrates the problem and offers sensible 21st Century solutions. 

VAN NUYS, CA September 5, 2005 (General Release) In a speech before a group of political activists last night, Dick McDonald the author of Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier illustrated how politicians and their relentless quest for power is seriously stunting the economic growth of the American economy and its people.  As a result of their endless ideological wars, politicians are withholding from the American people their right to invest 15% of the lifetime income in the American economy. Instead they calculatingly use these payroll tax receipts to perpetuate poverty in America through a system originally designed to insure retirement security but today is so small in amount it only is enough to insure older Americans don’t starve to death. In reality, its continued existence is an embarrassment no one seems to want to face.

In a stunning graphical presentation he illustrated how 40 years of “personal accounts” --  wherein all Americans retain that 15% in their own personal investment accounts and invest those funds in indexed stock --  would soar the value of all stocks to an amount over 100 times greater in 40 years than it is today.  In the process, as spelled out in his “Rise Up” plan, the poor and middle-class would achieve an affluence and wealth they never  imagined attainable.

McDonald pointed out that the “trickle-down theory” that was designed in the 80’s to improve the lot of the poor and middle-class had done a good job by everyone’s standards but had done an absolutely spectacular job in making the rich richer. In fact so good so that  those politicians are diverting attention away from their own failure to replace Social Security and Medicare with personal accounts by calling attention to the growing disparity in income between the rich and everyone else.

The American people have been propagandized by politicians with lies the politicians personally know to be untrue. The reason we know they are all lying through their teeth is that all Congressmen and Senators have personal accounts themselves and know that for almost 20 years their own “personal account” program is not risky, has grown relentlessly bigger, is easily managed by each individual and is breathtakingly inexpensive to run.

McDonald pointed out that that the people are being duped by their politicians about personal accounts the same way politicians tried to tell them that instant legal status for illegal aliens was not amnesty. Unfortunately the people are unaware of the benefits of personal accounts. Were they shown how maliciously they have been misled, they would again RISE UP and demand the replacement of  mandated entitlements like Social Security and Medicare with personal accounts that would make the individual wealthy enough to live affluently just off of the income from his nest egg and afford the best medical care on the planet.

Those attending asked McDonald what they could do to get the word out and inform the masses of the many benefits of personal accounts. McDonald didn’t have time to get into it but alluded to his “cartoon offensive” to attack politicians and inform the masses. He drew his biggest laugh when suggesting that Mickey explain to Goofy why the average American householder would end up with no nest egg under Social Security but $3.2 million under McDonald’s Rise Up plan. 

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