The “USA” Revolution

A Universal Savings Account (a “USA”) is not the cause of the coming revolution it will be just one of the benefits flowing from actually having a revolution.  The revolution will be about restoring the freedom of the individual from the abusive intrusion of government (the “state”) into their lives.   For over 80 years Americans have tolerated the steady loss of their freedoms. In 2009, with the massive increase in government abuse being visited upon the individual there is no other solution to restoring our individual freedoms than revolution.

We at the Ownership Society Institute, who are actively promoting the “USA” and the implementation of the “Rise Up Theory of Economics”, believe the individual American needs to start a revolution in order to eliminate the following government abuses.

Healthcare.  The government is proposing a massive takeover of 17% of the American economy by nationalizing healthcare. The government will then employ untrained citizens to dictate how, where, when and how much health care we get. These bureaucrats will ration health care like they do in the UK and Canada and withhold medicines and procedures from the old, disabled and infirm to meet a cost-benefit formula.  This takes life and death decisions away from families and physicians and forfeits them to the state. It puts the right to euthanize you and your family in the hands of bureaucrats. Is that what you want?

Education.  Presently parents have to waste enormous sums to avoid public education because of government intrusion. In public education government has cut out teaching our children about capitalism and the way our country works as well as some very basic skills to indoctrinate them into socialism and a “social justice” philosophy that makes values about life, family, religion and sexual behavior morally irrelevant.  Why do we tolerate this – Is that what you want?

Property.  Legislators and city councils arbitrarily decide whose property to confiscate for any political reason.  And when an individual dies they tax the estate he has worked all his life to accumulate to pass on to his kids. Is this the America you want to live in?

Energy.  Government has stopped the people from drilling for oil, building atomic energy plants, building oil and gas refineries and made energy more expensive by making it scarce.  Now government wants to charge a fee for using fossil fuels for any reason – electricity in the home, gas in the car, transporting goods – which will add thousands to an individual’s cost of living each year.  Will you just look the other way and pay it? If so, why?

Money.   After making money cheap with low-interest loans the government turns around and guarantees billions in worthless mortgages at the individual taxpayer’s expense. Now the tax money that was used to free up lending is being withheld by banks.  The Federal Reserve in printing money to pay for all the new bailouts, stimulus packages and political patronage and encouraging inflation which is the most deadly tax an individual pays.  How much pain can you tolerate?

Social Security and Medicare.  Government has promised $59 trillion more in benefits to retirees than the projected receipts will cover according to the Social Security Administration. That works out to over $500,000 for every one of the 115 million households in America. The enactment of a “USA” will extinguish this debt but until then the individual can look forward to more taxes and reduced benefits from their government. You didn’t like Bernie Madoff’s rip off – how can you even look at yourself in the mirror in the morning knowing this Ponzi scheme has run up a $59 trillion bill making Madoff’s fraud a pebble in the sand?

Taxes.  The government is so dysfunctional it plans to tax job creators to stimulate job creation – how is that for logic?  The top one per cent (1%) of the taxpayers (the job creators) already pay more in income tax than 95% of all individuals according to the IRS yet the government plans to add 8% more in tax to their bill which will be passed down to individuals in the form of reduced wages – estimated to be a loss of $5,600 a year just for healthcare reform alone.  Individuals have allowed government to grow indiscriminately – they tax just about everything. You are being taxed, regulated and inflated punitively, suffocatingly and paralyzingly.  Do you want more?

These and thousands of other abuses have been or are presently being visited upon the individual by government.  People have a choice.  They can sit back and stick their head in the sand and do nothing, take more and more abuse thusly ceding more power to government or they can do something about it.

There is really only one way to take the power away from government and put it back in the hands of the people and that is to repeal government’s power to create and administrate entitlements like Social Security and Medicare and replace them with a “USA” that will substantially increase benefits to retirees and eliminate the individual’s greatest tax burden – payroll taxes.  A “USA” will right many of these wrongs. It will also eliminate endemic poverty and throw socialism under the bus.

So many of the social wrongs will be rectified with a “USA” as the people will be able to restore an investigative press and be informed of the corruption and immorality that occurs not only here but abroad. There is absolutely no reason that the second most powerful force on Earth after the American people - its media – has been silenced to the outrage of women’s abuse and societal genocide by political monsters around the world. We will not be meddling if we intercede – we will be doing the work man was put on this Earth to do.

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Dick McDonald, Managing Director
Ownership Society Institute