I finally got a hint and more of what you mean by "Rise up"; I went to your website (http://hstrial-rmcdonald1.homestead.com/index.html) and found in there what I always have believed in: Allowing the poor access to practical and efficient ways of jolting out of poverty without redistribution of wealth, but by the creation of more wealth.

When I was in the left, my former comrades and I were taught that the worst enemy of leftism (aka "progressivism") is little capitalists, worse, horror, if breeding them like rabbits. "Kulaks", if agricultural, or "petit bourgeois", if urban, we were taught to pejoratively refer to them. We were taught to fear and fight the "threat" of allowing, let alone promoting, worse, materializing the notion  that people in a society should have a fairly, well earned private-property stake in that society.

The truth is, however, that feudalists, such as the "capitalists" of Third World Countries, want all for themselves, like in medieval times of masters and serfs. And myopic, ignoramus capitalists in developed countries don't realize that, the more individuals harbor the true feeling that they own --as personal, individual property, and based on their merits and efforts-- some tangible part of the wealth of a nation, the healthier that nation.

A true capitalist, a true free entrepreneurialist, however, does realize that, the more fairly-and-squarely-earned money people have in their pockets, the better for entrepreneurs to sell their products (goods and services). It is everybody's wealth generating wealth for everybody: true economic growth. A true capitalist realizes that capitalism can't live if not in society, and that therefore, the overall healthier a society is, the better for capitalism and capitalists. And, the closer a society gets to such state of affairs, the more the individuals in such society will fight socialism, communism and their likes.

The concept of the masses dynamically "rising up" is dimensions more appealing and efficient than inertially trickling down wealth to the masses.


What an Ex-liberal Has to say about Rise Up