What Readers Have to Say about Rise Up
Rise Up is the same type of tax-free plan my grandfather instituted in Japan after WWII which enabled Japan to create an enormous pool of capital with which to fund the growth that vaulted them into the second biggest economy on Earth in record time.
         Jeffers MacArthur Dodge
         Grandson of Japans economic savior
If anyone says that the Rise Up program will never work, they have most certainly not read the book.
If anyone says that it will never happen, they have either given up on the future of the United States,
or they have a political agenda that would be undermined by the vast stability and prosperity it would bring to this country
                                           -  Linda Starr

"I spent my whole life knowing very little about personal finances and how to provide for myself as wisely as possible. It took me until now, at age 63, to realize that the effort didn't need to be wholly on MY side. Dick McDonald has planned out a detailed description of how life can be so much easier for my loved ones and all Americans with just one change in the government's tax system.
                        -Lorna Alexander
The thing that got me mad is that Senators and Congressmen already have personal accounts but many say we shouldn't have them. Why can they accumulate millions and we get no nest egg for investing 15% of our lifetime earnings in payroll taxes?  And why is there no money in the Social Secutity Fund. We can't adopt Rise Up fast enough for me.
                              --  Chris Pavik 
Dick I endorse your plan.  Certainly, the present system doesn't make any sense, even to an economic dummy like me.
-- Burt Pretusky

The "Rise Up" plan directly addresses the enormous loss of wealth suffered by the average working taxpayer over a lifetime, and replaces it with an investment in which all workers have substantial equity ownership. It enables the magic of compound interest, in a free market environment, to replace a politically driven, bureaucratic, enormously complex, and misleading government run system.
                            - Robert A. Gismondi
I can't argue with your analysis and I'm sure you know that I want to see us convert to the Personal Accounts Plan.  Your plan is a tremendous improvement over the present retirement system (Social Security, Medicare and disappearing pension plans).
                            -  Bill Zelenka
Rise Up will trigger the most phenomenal increase in the personal wealth of Americans and America in our history while at the same time reducing the size of government and cutting our tax load. Does it get any better than that?
                               -  Gary Aminoff
Since reading this book Dick McDonald has become my economic policy mentor and hero. If the dummies in Washington would read and enact the brilliant ideas in RISE UP we would be a better nation for it— both the rich and the poor. This book is “must reading” for anyone who cares about America.
                                    -  Bobbi Leigh Zito
Let's see....I can have the government take 15% of my money--by force--for my whole working life, only to return a pittance to me when I retire. Or, I can retire a millionaire through the Rise Up plan. Gee, let me think....
                              Chris Cook, Editor
                               Modern Conservative                                 

Dick - You are a great American

                       Larry Greenfield
Thank you for your important contribution to the American Solution’s Solutions Lab. Your solution “A 50% Reduction in the Tax Load Americans Presently Pay” has been approved..
                         Newt Gingrich
                         American Solutions
Social Security that would permit even minimum wage workers to save a small fortune. David Frum ran the numbers: "That should be our conservative and Republican promise to American workers: 'Every American a millionaire by age sixty-seven!'"
David Frum
Head speechwriter for George W. Bush

Rise Up. It is truly the ONLY "American Solution" to so many ills that have been afflicting this country for over a half-century. Keep on pushing.
              Char Baker, Editor  FSM

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