Rise Up Will Solve Oppression and Poverty

Dick McDonald

Even though the economy is doing well we still have some serious economic problems that have spawned some serious social problems. The killings atVirginia Tech is a good example. A 4th year student had been brainwashed into believing that the “rich brats” with their “golden necklaces” and “trust funds” were oppressing the weak and powerless. Of course that belief had been drilled into him by our 60s professors - like Ward Churchill - who believe capitalism is evil and that America is an evil empire run by evil men and evil corporations with evil imperialistic goals.

I know the problem at Virginia Tech is the same at almost all universities. The professors dislike our economic system. Capitalism has created a great gap in income between the families of the rich kids they’re guilting and the kids from middle class and poor families they are inciting. The professors have no solutions other than socialism and its ugly sister “tax the rich” to redistribute to the poor. The professors disregard the fact that our poor are richer than most people in the world. It is just their perception that matters.

I believe the professors thinking has the same basic flaw as the one that has caused the endemic poverty we saw in New Orleans; the one that has caused the disintegration of the American family, the increasing incidence of crime and gangs in our streets, the ever-increasing irresponsibility of Congress, our ever-increasing tax load, a bigger and bigger government to finance, a failure to fund our entitlement programs and a host of other socio-economic problems.

That problem is that our economic system of capitalism - - just like the social systems of religion and politics –it has never solved the riddle of poverty. It has only given lip service to closing the income gap between the poor and the rich. Folk’s politicians are content to use that poverty to stay in office. It is a guaranteed winner;letting the “mob” vote themselves entitlements.

Politicians have never used the enormous power of capitalism to Make the Poor Rich.  In fact they continue to tax the poor and middle class unmercifully so they remain poor and middle class. And to make matters worse they unconscionable tax the rich which impedes the growth of the country –giving enormous trillions to politicians who just buy votes with that money with their daily road show, talking points and their deceptions that pull the heart strings and make the weak more and more dependent on them.

Over the years the people have given too much power to government and the government could care less about the people.  So long as they continue to say the right things to get re-elected and keep secret how they steal the people’s property right from under their nose they keep their power and you lose most of yours.

Let’s take one clear example that (1) proves up my rise up theory of economics, (2) illustrates my solution to all these core problems and (3) demonstrates how your Congress has gotten theirs and you haven’t. Yes this will prove they have been stealing you blind.

Let’s take those personal accounts that President Bush failed to get the people and the Congress interested in a couple of years ago. First he failed to mention that replacing the payroll taxes and letting the people invest that money in their personal accounts would make everyone a millionaire in 2007 dollars at the end of their working life.  He failed to mention that a minimum wage worker making just $7.25 a hour for 40 years would end up with a $1.2 Million nest egg and a $10,000 a month retirement check before considering wage inflation. He failed to compare that to the $800 we now  get under the present Social Security system. Now do you really think he just can’t market his ideas or is just trying to walk that mile an inch at a time?

More tragically he failed to mention that he, his administration, your Senators and Congressmen and 3.3 Million Federal employees ALL already have personal accounts. That’s right they have them and you don’t. They have had them since the eighties. Besides their massive hypocrisy, they keep this secret from the people. Why? It is very simple. If the people rise up and ask for their payroll taxes back, politicians will lose their power and half of their budget and all those compassionate issues they use to extract more taxes and power from you. Does this make you mad? It should. Our Founders would be storming the Halls of Congress by now..

All those of you who bought the lie that personal accounts will destroy our retirement system, ask yourself this question. If the Federal government employees who have been participating in their retirement program for almost 20 years and that program is almost identical to my plan wouldn’t their experience with their personal accounts be proof that personal accounts would be good for you?   The truth of the matter is that their plan, The Thrift Savings Plan, has grown steadily despite the fact it invested a small amount in Enron, it has cost less than 1% per year to operate and it has developed several stable broad-based bond and stock funds for the employee to chose to invest in. Your politicians are benefiting in our capitalist system while telling you the lie that if you get them you will destroy Social Security.  Maybe it is time we did.

So how does it make you feel Mr. and Mrs. Average American. Your Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, says that Social Security is an insurance plan not an investment plan when in fact her own retirement fund is up to its nose in stock investments. And don’t forget Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry and all those multi-million dollar bleeding hearts. Those hearts aren’t bleeding for you. They just pull your heart strings to feather their own nest while they keep you poor and maxed out.

My plan will return the power to the people. It will put that 15% you and your employer pay into the government in payroll taxes in your own personal account to be invested during your working life to grow into a million dollar nest egg. But don’t take my word for it. Go to makethepoorrich.com and click the $20,000, $40,000 and $60,000 a year salary tables and track the progress for each of the 40 years. Just one table will prove my point. The $60,000 truck driver and his wife end up with $4.8 Million after 40 years.

I can take the next two days telling you all about the great things restoring both money and power to the people will do and how to get there. But we don’t have the time and we have an uphill battle to fight. The media, colleges, unions, government employees, the entertainment industry and your elected officials will be against my plan and your best interests. They will try to silence me and you. It will take a lot of money and effort to bust through their control of the national dialogue.

We will need money to guarantee you, your kids and grandkids that they will be millionaires not poor, middle class or bag ladies like our present tax system can guarantee.  Go to the makethepoorrich.com website and contribute to our cause. It can be done. 85% of the people know Congress is stealing us blind. It is time we gave them a permanent vacation.  We need to start a grass roots effort to initiate a 21st Century Boston Tea Party. Won’t you help us - help you, your kids and family?