“Rise Up” and Black America

Dick McDonald

African Americans have always been and continue to be discriminated against in America.  They were slaves until Lincoln (a Republican) came along.. They were treated as 3rd. class citizens until the Civil Rights Acts were approved by the Warren Court (he was a Republican too).   Finally they could drink out of the same water fountains as whites and play professional sports. Today multi-million dollar black athletes roam the playing fields of America and multi-million dollar Black music artists rule the airwaves  but on the whole as Hurricane Katrina exposed, blacks continue to suffer discrimination of immense proportion from both “white” Democrats and “white” Republicans.

Republicans pay lip service to the Black community and insist their path to the American Dream lies in education and a moral life. Democrat discrimination is deadlier – they treat Blacks as a voting block that perpetuates poverty through a system of government programs that only breeds dependency; a dependency that instills resentment and anger.  If you don’t believe it just listen to a rapper justify why he uses “Nigger”, “Bitch” and “Ho” in his lyrics and watch the resentment he feels for his people and their treatment in American society.

Congress makes a Satanic deal with every young black male that he can live on 84.7% of his income (after 15.3% of payroll taxes are deducted from his check) during his working life in return for a starvation-avoiding Social Security pension and medical care after he reaches retirement at 67 years of age. But here is the rub. The average age of mortality for Black males in America is 67 years of age; the exact age at which his Social Security pension and Medicare kicks in. Assuming the man is average, he will die at 67 with absolutely nothing to show for investing 15.3% of his lifetime wage with the government.  How much “fairer” can the political class get?

The Federal government, if he was a our $60,000 a year truck driver listed on our home page, extracted over $360,000 in payroll taxes from him over the years. At death his Social Security pension and Medicare is never paid to him or to  his heirs; those moneys are forfeited to the Federal government.

The Rise Up Theory of Economics when enacted will generate the following benefits for our Black truck driver that dies at 67:

1.His nest egg of $4.8 Million is distributed to his heirs.
2.His $40,000 per month pension is not lost but that capability is passed down to his heirs who can start their own                personal investment accounts at their brokerage with their Dad’s $4.8 Million nest egg.

The Black truck driver has the following benefits if he stays in the old Social Security plan:

1.He has no nest egg, His $360,000 of payroll taxes are forfeited to the Federal government.
2.His $1,500 Social Security pension and Medicare benefits are lost and the Federal government owes nothing to his             heirs.

You should now begin to realize that politicians of both parties have exhibited extreme prejudice against Blacks, surely outstripping any perceived racial prejudice Blacks believe Whites and Southerners harbor. Of course my opinion is from the vantage point and belief that all politicians know all about the millions Blacks could accumulate if they were given personal accounts. They better.  All Senators and Congressmen have “personal accounts” in their Thrift Savings Plan. That’s right; they have them. Know all about them and have morally if not criminally withheld that right from Blacks (as well as all ordinary Americans).

It is my fondest hope that all Blacks become “Rise Up Warriors”.  It is time once again to free “the slaves” and give them their “rights” and unshackle them from the dependency that has been numbingly injected into them by the political class.

To be a Rise Up Warrior go to www.makethepoorrich.com, sign up and donate.  After 5/4/07 you can go to www.riseupwarrior.com or www.riseuptheoryofeconomics.com to sign up and donate to our campaign to make all Americans worth a million.