Today I want to discuss how powerless the American people have become when it comes to governing themselves. As a tax man I am continually amazed at how a nation of powerful people started our country off with a revolution throwing a king and a cargo of tea into Boston Harbor because the king imposed a 3% tax on tea

Then ----- 231 years later

turn into a nation willing to pay 15% in payroll taxes, 35% in Federal income taxes, 10% in state taxes, 8% in sales taxes and ungodly amounts of property, gasoline, excise and death taxes.

As a "taxman" for 40 years woriking to reduce the taxes of the rich, you would - after reading this site -  think I had switched teams and was now working for the poor.  That is only partially true. I want to make the rich richer. I don’t want them to pay taxes. But I have a problem. Their customers, the poor and the middle class don’t have the money to spend. They are tapped out. Last year they hit their credit cards for more than they made.

What to do. How can I get our capitalist system running on all eight cylinders instead of one?  Then it hit me.  Let’s make the poor and the middle class wealthy so they are better customers for the rich.  In fact let’s make them so wealthy they become rich too – what an idea - a richer and more affluent customer base. Now who can complain about that?

Being the one-dimensional  tax man that I am I immediately thought of saving taxes to let the poor and middle class have a pool of capital to invest in the vibrant American economy so when they retire after their 40 to 50-year working life they have an nest egg to retire on. I thought how about "personal accounts" and returning the payroll taxes back to the people to invest in the stock and bond market and become millionaires.

My plan - it developed - had several problems I had to address;

First, most people can’t manage their own money. Therefore, rule #1 of my plan is that contributing to the pool of capital had to be involuntary; the taxpayer will have no say, it is just an automatic thing.

Secondly,   It can’t cost the taxpayer one dime more than it does now – it will be the same 15% deducted for payroll taxes now paid for by the taxpayer and his employer or just the taxpayer if he is self-employed.

Third,  the taxpayer’s funds must be placed in trust unreachable by politicians, Congress, taxes, courts, one’s creditors or spouses and critically by the taxpayer himself. This is a given. No one, no entity, no institution can invade the taxpayer’s personal account during his working life or my plan won’t work.

Fourth, as a minimum all present and future retirees without the time to accumulate million-dollar nest eggs must be guaranteed to receive from the government no less than the amounts presently paid under Social Security, Disability and Medicare for the rest of their lives. That is a minimum requirement of my plan

Fifth, the taxpayer’s funds cannot be managed by stock brokers or investment houses; the trust will merely invest in already existing stock and bond indexed funds directly bypassing the cost of Wall Street advice, management and tricks.

Sixth, the taxpayer will control which bond or stock funds his or her money is invested in during their working life. These funds will track the steady upward movement of the market and grow with our economy.

Seventh, the funds cannot be invested in risky stocks funds  They must contain hundreds of quality stocks to avoid having one or two or even a group of them crash the whole account.

Those are just some of the fixes I have crafted to eliminate the fears most people have about personal accounts. Forget about the fear of financing the transition to personal accounts, we are a country with $400 trillion in assets and a measly $2.3 trillion owed to foreigners.  We are filthy rich and don’t let the politicians whine about how they have screwed up their books, America is one monstrous economic success.

The math of accumulating a million-dollar nest egg is unquestionable. Go to my website and click on the $20,000, $40,000 or $60,000 a year taxpayer and see each and every one of the forty years accumulate into millions in 2007 dollars.  A truck driver and his wife end up with $4.8 Million and a $40,000 a year retirement check.

If you need further convincing go to  and read further about my plan. It will restore your faith in yourself and your ability to make a difference in this world. Restore your power by cutting back on that you got tricked into giving your politicians.

I can take the next two days telling you all about the great things restoring both money and power to the people will do and how to get there. But we don’t have the time and we have an uphill battle to fight. The media, colleges, unions, government employees, the entertainment industry and your elected officials will be against my plan and your best interests. They will try to silence me and you. It will take a lot of money and effort to bust through their control of the national dialogue.

We will need money to guarantee you, your kids and grandkids that they will be millionaires not poor, middle class or bag ladies like our present tax system can guarantee.  Go to the  website and contribute to our cause. It can be done. 86% of the people know Congress is stealing us blind. It is time we gave them a permanent vacation.  We need to start a grass roots effort to initiate a 21st Century Boston Tea Party. Won’t you help us -  help you, your kids and family?

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