Corporate America Awake

In a capitalist system we start every year with capital –tangible and intangible property – apply intelligence and hard work and in America’s case always end up with more capital at year’s end than it started with. In corporate America, the increase in that value is termed a “rate of return on investment” (ROI). In many corporations and big businesses rates of return on their internal investments of capital run well over 10% per year and in some cases if their internal ROI is less than 15% they feel they have had a bad year.

Yet according to the Federal Reserve, corporations mindlessly sent $467 Billion to the Federal government in 2006 to pay for social services (entitlements) for which the rate of return on their investment is a negative – a minus, a total and utter waste of American corporate resources. There is no rate of return because that money is sacrificed on the altar of redistributive socialism.  It goes to the government who spends it immediately instead of putting it away to fund what that money was sent to Washington for - the medical and retirement needs of those corporation’s employees.

Now let’s take a flight of fancy and pretend corporate America took that annual $467 Billion investment in communism and invested it for the 40-year working life of their employees and earned a normal 10% ROI on THEIR fund for their employees. How much money would that fund have after 40 years of an annual input of $467 Billion? Well what do you know – a tiny HP time/value of money calculator tells us that fund would total $206 Trillion (or $206,690 Billion) which divided by 170 Million households would mean every household in America would be worth $ 1.2 million – yeah “m” as in million. Now I don’t expect you to believe me – so – get out your own calculator and prove it to yourself. Now who is foolish?

Then to add insult to injury acknowledges the fact that the $467 Billion is only part of the foolishness; employees have to contribute the same amount to Washington – another $467 Billion sacrificed on the altar of redistributive socialism.  Then add the $157 Billion that self-employed people have to pay in for their share of this entitlement insanity and you start to get the picture of what I mean.

There is just over $1 Trillion dollars wasted every year simply because we did not fund these entitlements but just let the fools in Congress waste our time and our resources because the lunacy of taxation (a subject our Founders abhorred) was available as a quick cure so these representatives did not have to do the heavy lifting a true free market capitalist society has to do in solving problems.

I am not going to dazzle you with what the compounding of $1 Trillion will become in 40 years – you got the picture. What I am saying is that we in America have the tools to Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier. Yes capitalism can solve poverty and make America run more efficiently on all eight cylinders if we just divorce redistributive socialism doctrine and philosophy from our institutions and government. Our Founders had it right – taxes are counterproductive to the efficient running of a free society. If this short treatise hasn’t convinced you read more about the issueon this site where the rubber meets the road on its way to economic and social freedom.

Addendum: the intentions of redistributive socialists is to level the playing field are honorable – not workable but honorable. The problem is they absolutely have no idea that making the poor rich is far more feasible than the counter-productive concept of taxing the rich into “equality”. If any of this makes sense to you go here, sign up and contribute to the effort to wake us out of the nightmare this country has fallen into. If you don’t contribute expect more of the same. To my knowledge no one is working my side of the street and we need money to get the word out. Inertia is tough to break but not impossible. Have faith a more wonderful world awaits those that spend some time thinking about how to get there and spending a small amount of their “property” for “domestic tranquility. Please do it now.

Now if corporate America contributes half of the retirement cost to Washington and that money was allocated to the taxpayer’s own personal investment account to generate a million-dollar nest egg, corporate America could then say to its employees – hey I contributed the amount that generated one-half of your nest egg. That would be the greatest employee public relations coup in history.

So what’s the problem? The problem is the Ownership Society Institute needs money and exposure to let the sunshine peak through the clouds – is there some reason you – yes you who are reading this tract - can’t or won’t contribute? If freedom is now unpopular we need to change that dynamic. But it won't happen without you.