Don't Forget Rise Up Includes the Rich

When I wrote the book “Make the Poor Rich” I forgot the tagline – “It will make the rich even richer.” I am afraid my title is too scary for intelligent men or I have just missed the opportunity to get all my points across in one or two sound bites.  Here are some snippets of a reply I got from a very astute political observer who I sent my book to but hasn’t had the time to read it all.

I get the concept; I'm just not sold on the marketability of the concept at this point in history. Our nation is on the complete opposite track and deeply entrenched in that track. Keeping the people poor and dependent is just too profitable for the powerful. You're asking the bank robber to give the money back to the depositors. I just don't see it happening until the current system has run its course.

One thing I know for sure is, the American people no longer look at themselves as the solution to any problem. Our government will keep growing until it bankrupts the nation because the people will keep electing politicians on the promise of something for nothing.

Our government is what the people want it to be. There is no such thing as something for nothing, but only a handful of Americans remember that now.

The tragedy of my title is that people appear to want there to be poor people on Earth and recoil at the thought or ridiculousness of the poor becoming rich even though it is a mathematical certainty. What I have failed to emphasize is that if America adopts my  Rise Up Theory of Economics that the rich people will get enormous sums of capital with which to finance economic expansion now held back by the lack of capital. That as a result of converting the system of financing retirement to an “investment” concept from the current “consumption” concept the rich will have a greater pool of capital with which to invest in the expansion of the American Dream here on Earth.

In that process the rich play the important role of leading the band and profiting by it. They won’t be bank robbers giving money back to the depositors. They will be bank management with an ever-expanding economic base of rich depositors with the money we need to democratize the world. In the process the rich will make themselves unconscionably richer.

On my website at the table “40 Years of Personal Accounts” I mathematically illustrate that the market assets of Americans which now stands at $21 Trillion would mushroom 124 times in that 40-year period to $1.245 Quadrillion under the Rise Up theory. Now that only covers the anticipated withholding of the Social Security, Disability and Medicare taxes at the maximum $97,500 level at which we presently impose payroll taxes on the poor and middle class; it does not reflect the wealth that the rich will generate with their monies not subject to payroll taxes or the wealth they accumulate.

The Rise Up Theory DOES NOT just make the poor rich it make the rich do their job and get even richer by staying educated and enthusiastic about the financial rewards of freedom – freedom from taxation and the politicians standing in the way.

And that is why I changed the title of my book to “Make the Poor Rich and America Wealthier.”  I have a feeling that it still might not sell and I will have to remove the “poor” part..