God, You and Communism

On the planet Earth, faith plays a dominant role. Of the many faiths, one’s faith in one’s self is the most important. A belief in God, in a power greater than one’s self, has been the single most empowering force on Earth to reinforce one’s faith in themselves. Unfortunately for man there has always been an evil constantly at work trying to destroy the faith of the individual and vest that faith in some false God, some belief, some cause, some institution, and some obsession. In America, that evil rests in a godless media whose faith lies in fictions like evolution, moral relativism, multi-culturalism, global warming and the most evil of all a big totalitarian government that dictates to the people through a controlled media the who, what, when, why and how much of life..

The Founders of America recognized that evil and were determined to defeat it by granting only limited Constitutional powers to what could become a big central totalitarian government. Faced with this protective shield early in the 20th century the forces of evil under the flag of communism set out to undermine the Constitution and America’s belief in the individual - to accomplish that they formulated a plan. They would work to control the very mechanisms of the republic – politics, the media and education. The job became easy when free market capitalism capsized in 1929 and America was ripe for the communist belief in the state as the all powerful force that defeats the individualism that had just failed. They played their tune and big government in America was born. America abandoned part of its faith in the individual for the false god of collectivism and obedience to the state.

Today, Americans still have faith in the underlying principles of its founders but they are imprisoned by a conspiracy of evil that has captured their schools, their politicians and their media. In a recent poll 89% of the American public felt Congress was “evil” – it was failing the “individual” for the sake of “big government, big spending and punitive taxation.” You can tell it by the focus groups monitoring the presidential debates when either a Republican or a Democrat says “middle-class” the sensors monitoring their beliefs skyrocket. If that baffles you I believe that the great majority of the poor, middle-class and even the wealthy use “middle-class” as the code word for a patriotic America individual who believes in liberty and freedom from the oppressive totalitarian nature of big government.

The people know something is wrong but the evil media keeps distracting them by constantly changing national dialogues that keep them entertained and uninformed. To date, Americans haven’t lost their faith in themselves they just don’t have a banner under which to fly to make the “change” from collectivism to individualism, from big government to responsible and responsive government. Neither political party has a plan to make that “change” because the political parties are part of the collective problem. The Democrats want to retain the “collective” and those Republicans that want to restore the freedom of the individual are cowed into silence by the “evil” media and the politicians and institutions that feed off collectivism.

Like the weather everyone complains but no one has come forward to save individualism. Oh a Huckabee or an Obama can light the torch for a fleeting moment by campaign rhetoric about the American faith in individuals but it all falls apart against the reality that they only present 1% and 2% solutions to the real needs of the “middle class.” Everyone cries for big ideas, but none are forthcoming. They have been absent from the American dialogue since the 30’s.

What the middle class needs is the power that would restore their “faith” in America and the only way to do that is to tear down the collectivist structure that imprisons them. That would entail making the “middle class” financially capable of paying for the services big “collective” government presently provides for them that is choking their individualism to death and progressively making them dependents of the state.

Of all the services that could be personalized to effect a change to individualism entitlements and education head the list. If one could chart a course of change it would be the dismantling of entitlement funding from a government responsibility to an individual responsibility. That would in turn reverse the dependence on government educators are indoctrinating our children with in our liberal public schools today. If capitalist principles can be used to restore individualism, educators would be hard pressed to continue their indoctrination of big government solutions and the socialist dependence on government.

In order for entitlements to become an individual responsibility the society would have to have individuals able to pay for their own retirement, medical needs, disability and the myriad of 60 or so other welfare programs. That proposition on its own would be a daunting task of immense proportions were in not for the fact the mechanism to make it a reality already exists, is operable and has been accepted as a fact of life in America for over 70 years. I speak of payroll taxes. That 15.3% of a worker’s lifetime income sent to Washington each week to cover the myriad of entitlements the government bureaucracy has grown into a nightmare of bureaucratic complexity and inefficiency.

If that 15.3% were retained as the property of the taxpayer, invested in the economy for his or her working life, the average household would have a $3.2 million nest egg on which to live and will to the next generation which would explode the wealth of the nation. By the magic of compounding the $240,000 withheld during a 40 year working life grows to $3.2 million in 2007 dollars (without considering wage increases). See here. At an average rate of return the $3.2 million will generate a $27,000 a month retirement income just off the income from the nest egg. Off that the taxpayer can retire affluently, pay for the best medical care on the planet and still have the $3.2 million to will to his kids.

It is all doable and current benefits under all existing plans would be guaranteed by the government as the floor under which future benefits cannot fall. The transition can be easily funded off-budget at 6% of what it cost America to lower interest rates to keep the economy afloat after the bubble economy broke a few years back. We at the Ownership Society Institute – a Section 501(c)(3) organization – are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We encourage all of you who would like individualism to defeat socialism in America, please join us in this effort by becoming a member and contributing to this cause.