Socialism in America is Killing Us

Forget about the increase in socialist policies Barack and the Democrats will usher in if they win in November, America and its economy is running on one cylinder now because of the America public’s lunacy in believing that the Democrats are doing the public good. Those people are socialists and they do no good.  Generally, socialists have two problems; they level the playing field by making everyone poor and secondly their leadership is always so corrupt the poor never have a fighting chance to achieve the American Dream.

Democrats have essentially been in charge of the poor since the Great Depression. Under their leadership congressionally or administratively the poor are worse off today than they were in the 50’s. Were it not for Federal giveaways, the poor would be starving to death. The reason for that is Democrats take 15.3% in payroll taxes (7.65% withheld and 7.65% contributed by employers – self-employed pay the entire 15.3%) of the working life income of ordinary Americans in return for no nest egg whatsoever. And they claim they are doing the “common good”. A monkey could do a better job investing the people’s money than a Democrat.  And Hollywood and the media drool on endlessly that these socialists are our heroes. They should be institutionalized

The $700 billion bailout is in part the result of Democrats insisting that the banks lend to poor people whether or not they could pay for their homes or not – they passed laws to compel banks to do it. Then the Democrats filled the top offices of the offending lending institutions and milked them for multi-million dollar golden parachutes as the elite in Democrat circles often do. The CEO’s of almost all the failed Wall Street firms were headed by committed Democrats. These CEO’s were hideously immoral and corrupt and knew full well they were sinking their ships – they ran the numbers.

The big three automakers are in Washington to score some bail out money of their own. They have gone bankrupt paying wages and benefits they were black mailed into paying by Democrat-supported unions and policies. Today Toyota has a market cap of $120 billion while General Motors has dropped to $6 billion and they need $18 billion just to keep afloat. Democrat-supported union monopolies are crippling America – forcing bankruptcies of American companies that can’t compete with the lower wages of their competitors.  So when you hear the word “free-market” understand there is no free market in wages because of unions forcing our great corporations to twist in the wind with the help of the Democrat party.

If you hadn’t heard, conservatives have been banned from speaking on college campuses. Those that get scheduled are booed so badly their message is never heard.  The socialist Democrats and their unions are in charge of public education and they are doing such a bang-up job 50% of the kids don’t graduate high school - 75% if you’re black or Hispanic.  Democrats have been in charge of education for as long as anyone can remember. The Teacher’s unions march in lockstep with the Democrat Party. They spent $400 million defeating the Social Security plan President Bush advanced.  Apparently mathematics is no longer taught in school – but zero is still zero when it comes to nest eggs and the comrades of education will never convince us otherwise.

Big government is growing like a weed.  I just handled a revenue agent’s examination where the agent was so incompetent she should be fired. But you can’t fire a government employee – it doesn’t matter how stupid they are or if they show up for work regularly. And the Democrats dominate all government offices and many of the state legislatures where they confer on those incompetents $90,000 a year retirement pensions. In California they stole all the fuel tax receipts put them in the general fund and spent them on pensions – Europe here we come – road ruts and all.

I could go on but why?  The public won’t know that Hitler is here until the knock on the door. We are a nation of economic idiots that let the socialist run rampant among us. It used to be that socialists just whispered that name – now they shout it from the roof tops as if capitalism is a dead science. Barack Obama is the worse kind of socialist, reared at the feet of renowned communist Saul Alinsky. The only change Barack will usher in is more poverty, big government snafus, financial bail outs, union black mail, poorer health care,  higher taxes, lower benefits, teeming multitudes of illegal immigrants, lower expectations, funding for nonsense like bio-fuels and carbon credits and more of the uneducated drones that vote for Democrats – not to mention a poorer economy – possibly stagflation.

We need a capitalist revolution – see and download a free book that will lead the Republican Party and loyal Americans to the promise land.